Call for Papers - Eastern Africa Journal on International Humanitarian Law Volume 3(1)

The Eastern Africa Journal on International Humanitarian Law (EAJIHL) is an annual peer reviewed online journal published by the University of Nairobi and aims at encouraging discourse around contemporary issues of International Humanitarian Law in the Eastern African region and beyond.

Safeguarding Nairobi’s Urban Green Spaces: Validation Workshop

On 5th December 2023, a validation workshop was held to explore ‘The Management and Threats Facing Public Open Spaces in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop provided a platform for experts and stakeholders to delve into the critical issues surrounding the conservation and sustainability of urban green spaces. Hosted by Prof. Odote, the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Law, and featuring Susan Yara as the presenter, the workshop shed light on the critical issues facing Nairobi's public open spaces.