The Kenya Law Students Society

The Kenya Law Students Society is the premier society of Law students in the country. With a membership of over 1000 students from the university of Nairobi, faculty of law the society is seeking to include all learning friends from all over the country. KLSS is registered under th societies act CAP 108 Laws of Kenya

Faculty of Law Theatre of the Absurd

University of Nairobi Moot Court Society


UNSA is the overall student body. Registered in July 1998 as SONU, it has the following objectives:-

  1. To establish an efficient, accountable and transparent student organization which seeks and undertakes representation and/or participation in organs of the University.
  2. To work in close solidarity with other students organizations within the University and establish friendly relations and understanding with other relevant organizations.
  3. To seek, enhance and maintain freedom of conscience, expression, association, academic liberty and all rights occurring to students and to promote employment of the same.
  4. To promote student welfare, work hand in hand with University administration and other bodies concerned with enhancement of students’ standard of living and undertake any other activity which does not conflict with the constitution of UNSA or any law or regulation in force in which is beneficial to the members.
  5. UNSA also seeks to represent students in various administrative and academic organs of the University. Students can channel their input into the University Council, University Senate, Student Welfare Authority (S.W.A.) and College Academic Boards.


University of Nairobi is the home of talents. Students are encouraged to engage in various talent auditi0ns hosted by the university.

The first talent show was held in March 2021 and the next one will be held in Dec 2021. Students showcased their prowess in various categories like music, singing and poetry, arts design and fashion show, ICT and engineering, sports, karate, taekwondo and sports dance and modeling, catwalk Mr and Miss UON

One such student is John Kottowa, 3rd year, UoN Law Student whose mastery of the spoken word is phenomenal