Prof. Collins Odote Appointed to the Working Committee to establish National Open University


Associate Dean Prof. Collins Odote has been appointed by Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to be part of the working committee to establish National Open University. The CS met the university education stakeholders at his Jogoo House office on Monday Jan 9th 2023.

The Open University is one way of expanding access to higher education at a low cost. Currently, Kenya has 70 public and private universities, with a total enrolment of 540,000 students.

To my future potential employer I am now ready for you- 68th Graduation Celebration

 ''To my future potential employer I am now ready for you! Question is, are you ready for me''? These were the opening statements from Silas Owiti during a spoken word performance at the 68th graduation celebration. Justice Silas was among the 6, 640 graduands who graduated today 16th December 2022

Silas B. Owiti Spoken Word

UON legal Aid week Officially Kicks Off

The faculty of law kick-started a week long legal Aid week from 5th-9th December 2022 with the aim of mentoring and offering legal assistance to the citizens. The opening ceremony which also marked day one of the legal week was marked in collaboration with Office of the Dean of Students and UNESCO O3 Plus Project on the Theme: “Empowerment, Transformation and Mentorship in Legal Aid “and the Sub theme: “Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights/Gender Based Violence”.

Theatre of the Absurd; 'When she mattered most'

When She Mattered Most is a comedy of manners play that champions for the independence of our public institutions with its end message being our institutions should be independent and be allowed to works as per what was bestowed upon them on by our constitution. , It is full of political satire and so is our usual style of symbolism that helps us tell our stories best.