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KENET e-Learning Bundle

                                                       KENET e-Learning Bundle


How to Use KENET Sponsored Telkom SIM Cards.




The login credentials:-

  • Username :  Mobile Number without the leading zero e.g. 776037743@kenet.ac.ke 
  • Password:  Use the last six (6) digits of the serial number on the SIM card

For those who might have Eduroam accounts can use them.

Find attached the User guide for the service.



How to Enable KENET  e-Learning Bundle.



  1. Safaricom - 10GB/month data bundle at KES 500
  2. Airtel Networks - 12GB/month data bundle at KES 500
  3. Telkom Kenya - 30GB/month data bundle at KES 999 (data bundles are consumed at 1GB per day)