FoL students holding trophy for winning All Kenyan moot court competition winners

Faculty of Law mooting students are the winners of The tenth edition of the All Kenyan Moot Court Competition. The event was organized by Kenyatta University and held at Kenyatta University, school of law from 21st -25th March 2022. The competition featured 23 teams from the 14 law schools across Kenya with each team comprising of three members, two oralists and one researcher. Most schools, including the University of Nairobi, Faculty of Law, Parklands presented two teams. The topic of this year’s competition was “Elections” with the focus on issues that arise during every election period in Kenya.

The five-day event consisted of several events; day one opening ceremony and a seminar; day two seminar to discuss election issues in Kenya and help the competitors find insight for their arguments while discussing the election problem in Kenya. Preliminaries and presentations from researchers on their oral arguments was carried out on the third day. Quarterfinals and semi-finals was carried out on the fourth day. The final day consisted of presentations from the finalists and closing ceremony to announce the winners.

The University of Nairobi teams consisted of two teams of Lindsey Faith, David Macharia and Trevah Kamau for the first team, with Trevah as their researcher. Their team code was 1001. Team two was Yvonne Sarange, Joseph Njapit and Griffin Okemwa, with Griffin as their researcher. Their team code was 1014.

Trevah Kamau from team one won the overall best researcher while Yvonne Sarange, Joseph Njapit from team two won the overall best oralists.


Faulty of Law Library supported in this competition by providing the researcher with relevant, cutting edge and rare information related to matters on elections and violations of human rights. Teamwork involving FoL Library staff and Grace Kigaru of UoN Archives was instrumental in consulting, researching, retrieving, repackaging and dissemination of all valued information which enabled the researcher to excel in the completion emerging with the best Research Paper.  Library’s Electronic Document Delivery services made the supply of relevant documents seamless and very prompt.  UoN Archives remain a premier and very rich reservoir of rare & valuable information for researchers.  Old newspaper articles dating far back to 1997 were availed to the researcher from Archives Section.  While Lexis Nexis Database provided the winner unlimited access to case laws, JSTOR was the other source for other corresponding Journal articles useful to the researcher. In addition, Kenya Law Reports were availed providing the Researcher with valuable source out Kenyan case laws. 

The Library community  is proud to have made contribution which spurred the Researcher towards the exemplary success in 10th edition of the All Kenyan moot court competition.

Congratulations to the mooting team and all the best in forthcoming moot court competitions

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