In a bold address at the UN Human Rights Council during the 2nd Meeting of the Human Rights Council held in January 2024, Professor Atiya Warris , a leading expert in fiscal law, tackled the global debt crisis head-on, calling for urgent reforms to the outdated International Finance Architecture.

The distinguished FOL member identified gaping flaws in the system, attributing them to skyrocketing debt costs for nations worldwide. Her voice resonated with urgency, advocating for an inclusive, representative, and effective global economic system to replace the current lopsided structure.

"The existing financial architecture is like a rusty bicycle struggling uphill," Prof. Waris noted. "It creaks and groans, failing to navigate the complexities of today's debt landscape."

The Professor further delved deeper, exposing the inadequacies of the current system and passionately advocating for comprehensive reforms. Her vision aimed not just to fix technical errors, but to foster equitable and sustainable development for all.

"We need a debt resolution system that's fair, flexible, and recognizes the diverse realities of nations," she emphasized. "It's no longer just about numbers; it's about human lives trapped in a cycle of crippling debt."

Professor Warris's powerful insights sparked a renewed dialogue at the UN, reigniting the critical discussion about reforming the International Finance Architecture. Her voice, a beacon of hope for millions struggling under the weight of debt, is a call to action for a more just and equitable global economic landscape.