''To my future potential employer I am now ready for you! Question is, are you ready for me''? These were the opening statements from Silas Owiti during a spoken word performance at the 68th graduation celebration. Justice Silas was among the 6, 640 graduands who graduated today 16th December 2022

Silas B. Owiti Spoken Word

Graduation marks a milepost in the lives of student. It is a serious yet joyful event it is not just a day for the graduates to feel proud of themselves; it is a day for friends and family to be proud and celebrate

The faculty of law had a total of 516 graduates; from Bachelor of Laws -430, Master of Arts in Environmental Law -1, and Master of Laws- 85

Cabinet Secretary for Education Hon. Ezekiel Machogu was represented by Dr. Belio Kipsang PS Basic Education said ‘’Given that your students are currently the primary sources of revenue, it is imperative that you develop marketable and relevant programs that can attract students from all corners of the globe. I also challenge the University of Nairobi to direct more energy in research as an alternative business solution. Research is where you have more competitive advantage. As you conclude your journey as a student, I urge you to use the knowledge that you have acquired from this University sufficiently. Use it to make the world a better place! Seize all the opportunities that come your way. Build relationships and be patriotic to your country’’.

The Chancellor Dr. Vijoo Rattansi said, ‘’each of you shall shortly transition from student to graduate, an act which bestows upon the great responsibility for man and country alike. You will soon assume new status as role models and paragons of virtue. Society will look up to you for leadership, stewardship, and solutions. These responsibilities must not be taken lightly and should be discharged with the greatest degree of dexterity and humility. I beseech thee not to let the world down! The path that you have chosen is yours to make your mark in the world. We therefore send you out, not to extinguish your light, but that in lighting other candles, you may be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

We send you out to the world of work and economic gain as a true reflection of our university’’.

The Vice Chancellor Professor Kiama said ‘’the 68th graduation is the culmination of a successful academic calendar –and I want to thank all staff and students for making it possible-without interruptions. It is a mark of academic discipline and maturity. It is my conviction that if we continue pulling together, we shall make this University great. We shall take it where it ought to be –A vibrant, viable, resilient and sustainable university’’.

He also touched on the various collaborations the university is in  ‘’We are the only University in Africa that has been chosen by the leading University in Finland, Helsinki for a strategic global collaboration covering flagship programs like Health, Education, Climate Change, Engineering teaching and research. UoN was also selected by the Carnegie Melon foundation to be part of the African Engineering and Technology ( Afretec) network - a consortium of 10 most influential universities in Africa that will drive inclusive digital growth in the continent and work together to build engineering and technology capacity in education, knowledge creation and entrepreneurship. We have established a global partnership with the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) to accelerate climate adaptation in Africa. In June this year the GCA granted 140 million US Dollars to the institute of Climate Change and adaptation for research and supporting climate innovations among the youth and women, and community adaptations’’.

Chair of Council Prof. Miriam Were said, ‘’I wish you the best in your future plans. By now, your aspirations are clear. Your degree gives you a good foundation towards fulfilling your personal dreams. I encourage you to expand your dreams into broader dimensions. Think about how to apply what you have learned in this University to help others in your communities and nations. Value the contribution you can make and ensure that your aspirations are both ethical and moral’’.

Congratulations to all the graduates

Silas B. Owiti Spoken Word