It emerged yesterday that instead of solving cases via courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR, is an alternative option to solving many cases and helping the justice system avoid backlog of cases. That was the theme at the Research Fair in Parklands Campus, on October 27, 2022

Speaking during the event, Dean, Faculty of Law, Prof. Winnie Kamau observed that University of Nairobi Research Fair has been on for 10 Years and it offers students and staff an opportunity to showcase ongoing research and for the Faculty of Law, it is an opportunity to give research awards and certificates.

The conference main focus was recognizing the link between sustainable development and justice.  Searching for peace and inclusive society for sustainable development.  

Prof. Winnie Kamau observed that the Constitution recognize sustainable development and peaceful co-existence. “It is not just about court, you can resolve your cases in a more amicable way that contributes to peace. We have multi-door access to justice such as: alternative dispute resolutions, court rooms, communities, religious groups. They can all resolve cases and promote justice.

 Students researchers pointed out as one of the innovations in the justice system. The website aims at resolving disputes, more so among ecommerce transactions in Kenya.

The advantages of ADR was pointed out as being efficient and accessible.

Prof. Collins Odote, Associate Dean, Faculty of Law, equipped that innovation, technology and sustainable development can co-exist. He reminded students of the theme during the research conference “ADR as a social legal innovation for social development”

He pointed out the need for research to ensure that we deliver solutions, solutions that are well informed. “Sustainable Development focuses on balancing options, what's the best option. Justice, fairness even as we consider the future”, he said.

Prof. Odote, in his concluding remarks, observed that the law is not always clear as most people wrong point out and secondly, the law operates within a context.

Chief Guest. Bruno Osanan pointed out that ADR is not considered inferior, it is an alternative dispute resolution. It supplements the existing justice system.

Students presented various research projects in which ADR can be used. The most outstanding one being a case where law can be used in Artificial Intelligence cases.