On 24 May history was made when the seventy-fifth World Health Assembly (WHA75) adopted WHO (world Health Organisation) sustainable Financing reforms proposed through an article published in the Journal The Lancet and co-authored by our very own Prof Attiya Waris and others Lancet is one of the world's leading medical journals, published weekly since 1823.

The article proposes: Holding a periodic WHO replenishment conference to boost resources and gain support from civil society and stakeholder communities; Replenishment goals geared towards acute priorities in WHO budget for one-off investments

The acute priorities may include - urgent matters like such as supporting the new mRNA vaccine hubs in Africa. This ensures that assessed contributions are reserved for ongoing activities.

More tactically, WHO could pursue new in-kind services, refine its purchasing methods, and collaborate with other actors to achieve concessionary pricing, or design an incrementally more aggressive investment policy.

Read the full article on Financing WHO here

Congratulations to Dr. Attiya Waris and team