The University of Nairobi through ODeL Campus has a partnership with International Institute of Online Education (IIOE). We are very happy to inform you that the ‘IIOE Advanced Training Series: Big Data in Higher Education’ (or Big Data Training) is open for enrollment now. The Big Data Training aims to provide Higher Education teachers a basic knowledge of Big Data and its application in various fields, especially to help HE teachers to use Big Data to empower HE teaching, management and administration. 

Please also see below for key information of this training programme:  

· Duration: 21 days

· Dates: 28 Sept, 2020 to 19 Oct, 2020

· Leading Instructor:  Dr Wen Zheng, Assistant Professor of the Department of Communications and Computer Engineering at Waseda University

· Prospective Learners: Educators and professionals in higher education who wish to enhance data literacy and data analytic skills in their teaching and research

· Please enroll at: 

 This training is free and  we  would very much appreciate it if you could  participate in the training .