The 70th graduation celebration of the University of Nairobi, held on December 15, 2023, was a momentous occasion marked by the achievements of over 5000 graduands. Among them, the Faculty of Law stood out with 757 graduands, displaying the intellectual prowess and dedication of these individuals in the field of law.

Distribution of graduands

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The distinguished Cabinet Secretary for Education, Hon. Ezekiel Machogu, served as the chief guest, imparting invaluable insights into the future of education in Kenya. In his address, he underscored the government's commitment to providing global opportunities for graduates, with a notable mention of the newly established State Department for Diaspora. This initiative aims to facilitate and support the ambitions of talented youth, transcending borders and opening new horizons for academic and professional growth.

Financial challenges faced by universities took center stage in the speech, as the Cabinet Secretary unveiled a new funding model. This model not only alleviates debt burdens but also ensures uninterrupted access to quality education. The transition from the 8-4-4 curriculum to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) was highlighted as a crucial step in addressing unemployment rates. Emphasis was placed on the collaboration between universities and industries to produce skill sets that meet market demands.

A call to action was extended to the Alumni community, urging them to play a more active role in supporting universities through scholarships and infrastructure development. Recognition was accorded to the outgoing Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, and a cautionary note sounded against baseless allegations affecting the credibility of examination systems.

Cabinet Secretary concluded by emphasizing the need for universities to capitalize on excess capacity and attract international students. This, he asserted, would foster cultural exchange and collaboration, reflecting a comprehensive strategy for addressing challenges, promoting collaboration, and ensuring the integrity of the education system in Kenya.

On a parallel note, the Vice Chancellor's speech resonated with the spirit of celebration. The achievements of the University of Nairobi were highlighted, with a special focus on the graduating class of 2023. Financial challenges and ongoing reforms were addressed, accompanied by a call for innovative approaches to improve the institution's financial situation.

The Vice Chancellor's emphasis on disruptive innovations, commitment to research, community service, and partnerships with industries underscored the university's pivotal role in shaping the future. The speech concluded with expressions of gratitude to the university community and wishes for a joyous Christmas, marking the end of a memorable celebration.

In conclusion, the 70th graduation ceremony of the University of Nairobi was not just a culmination of academic achievements but also a platform for addressing critical issues in education. The Faculty of Law, with its significant number of graduands, symbolized excellence and dedication, setting a precedent for future generations. As the graduands step into the next chapter of their lives, the speeches of both the Cabinet Secretary  the Vice Chancellor, and other distinguished speakers serve as guiding principles, steering the course towards a brighter and more collaborative future in the education sector