Settling disputes through arbitration in Kenya by Dr. Kariuki Muigua has become the most authoritative reference book in Kenya. It is therefore no surprise that it scooped the publication for the year 2022 during the 2022 The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya Branch) (CIArb) Excellence Awards held on 2nd December 2022 at the Movenpick hotel

Dr. Kariuki Muigua took up the challenge to write a book that takes readers through the process of arbitration in a simplified, yet comprehensive manner, along with highlights of the latest key amendments and case law on arbitration in Kenya. The result was “Settling Disputes Through Arbitration in Kenya,” the foremost arbitration textbook and practitioners guide in Kenya and the larger East Africa region.

Dr. Muigua noted in the Author’s Note to the current edition: “I recommend this book to ADR students, teachers and tutors of ADR, ADR practitioners and to the general public interested in acquiring knowledge on the various ADR mechanisms in Kenya and their role in resolving or settling disputes occurring in everyday life…. In addition, this book has a place as a core textbook for the popular Entry Course in Arbitration, offered by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators-Kenya around East Africa and for postgraduate students of international commercial arbitration, to whom it will offer basic foundational knowledge.”

Another scholar who scored big at the glamorous end-of-the-year Gala Dinner is Associate Dean Prof. Collins Odote. He scoped the award for best candidate ARF. Prof. Odote noted,’ Grateful for CIArb awards and fellowship qualification as best Kenyan Candidate 2022’.

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya Branch)  CIArb Excellence Award aims at recognizing, acknowledging and awarding  individuals who are making major strides in promoting Arbitration The awards also seek to identify and award persons (both natural and legal) who have made outstanding contribution towards the growth and advancement of ADR in their respective fields

Congratulations to Prof. Odote and Dr. Muigua