Three Faculties Members Shine at the Staff Contracting and Recognition Awards

The 17th cycle of the staff contracting and recognition awards was held at Taifa Hall on March 23rd 2022. This ceremony seeks to recognize and award exemplary staff and longevity of service to the University. The performance management system is a system set in place to help in getting better results from an organization, teams and individuals.

The awards were categorized into four categories to include; Performance contracting, research and innovation, long service, staff performance and staff recognition.

In the staff performance category three faculty members tied at position one; Prof Collins Odote, Dr. Evanson Njramba Gichuki and Dr.Nkatha Kabira

The objectives of the staff performance appraisal that is conducted on all staff and units is an important exercise meant to:

  • Link individual performance targets with organizational strategic objectives and work plan;
  • Promote communication between appraise and supervisor with continuous feedback on work progress;
  • Set   the   basis   on   which   a member of staff’s performance is monitored and evaluated as stipulated in the individual work plan;
  • Align operational and financial performance targets with budgetary provisions;
  • Assess the learning and development needs of staff on a timely basis;
  • Provide information for decision making on administrative and human resource issues such as renewal of contracts, promotions, delegation of duties, training, deployment, rewards and sanctions.

The event was well attended by Senate Deans of faculties staff and students .

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