Team Alliance


Esther Odipo

Esther Odipo is the current Chairperson UNSA Parklands and the first female Chairperson at the Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi. She is a third year student and has been a  class representative from first year, a duty she performed competently, accountably and up to expectations.

Esther is enthusiastic about leadership, governance and women empowerment. She is the founder of the Imminent Political Voices 30 under 30. To improve the academic sector at the Faculty, Esther is partnering with Atienogolla Law Firm to bring back tuitions on Criminal and Civil Procedures at affordable prices for the students. The tuition was rolled out at the beginning of this year.

In the previous years, Esther worked together with the out-going Vice Chairperson at the Faculty of Law to host online conferences on public lectures. Together they hosted Betty Adera, Winnie Odinga, Laban Cliff, etc. Moreover, Esther previously hosted Dr Mutubwa in one of her conferences and thus availed scholarship opportunities to the students.


Tugume Rodgers

Tugume Rogers Junior is the current Vice Chairperson UNSA Parklands. He is a Ugandan in his third year of studies pursuing LLB the Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi.

Rogers is a renowned entrepreneur focusing on innovative entrepreneurship and a shareholder at a production company in Uganda. As a result, he has gained and developed great financial management skills as well as resource allocation.

He is an active member of the Moot Court Society at the Faculty of Law and a member of the Rotaract Club of Kampala.

Rogers is an active participant in Sports and fitness activities like football, Hockey and Chess plus gym.


Joseph Ntikiya

Joseph Ntikiya is the current Secretary General UNSA Parklands. He is a second year regular student at the Faculty of Law.

Joseph is an active participant in co-curricular activities at the institution. He is the current Chief Editor for the Moot Court Society at the faculty, as well as an active mooter. He has previously participated in two moots; Nazarene and FOLAP. Recently Joseph and his co-counsels participated in the Annual ALL KENYA MOOT COURT COMPETITION which they successfully won, giving the Faculty of Law, Parklands a victory it has yearned for so long. Further, Joseph is a member of the SOLAD club that deals with matters of International Law. He is also a member of the Young Arbiters Association club focusing on the area of Arbitration.

Additionally, Joseph engages in sports with a keen interest and passion in football which he started playing in high school.


Griffin Okemwa

Griffin Okemwa Morara is the current Sports and Welfare representative UNSA Parklands. He is 22 years old and in the third year of studies.

Griffin is a sports enthusiast passionate about football and scrabble. Although he does not actively participate in other sporting activities, he supports and enjoys watching others display their skills in various sporting sectors.

Moreover, Griffin is an active mooter at the Faculty specializing in the research department. He has previously participated in the 4th SOGIE SC MOOT in October 2021. He was also actively involved in research department in the 10th AKMCC MOOT that was held from the 21st to 25th March 2022.

He is also an active member of the AMCS Mentorship Program.


Mercy Chebet

Mercy Chebet Bartay is the current Treasurer UNSA Parklands. She is 20 years old in her second year of studies at the Faculty of Law.

She is enthusiastic about leadership, governance and women empowerment. She is a member of The Lady`s Heart, a foundation that advocates for young leaders mentorship. She is also a social media marketer for the Crashing The Barriers International foundation. Moreover, she is a member of the Lead Her Fellowship Expression of Interests foundation.

Mercy is talented in baking and has thus become proficient in this area. She is the CEO and founder of Bake with Bartay Cake Centre. She has previously baked for Jeff Koinange of Citizen TV and Stephen Leptoo who is the senior political news anchor at Citizen TV. Being the CEO, she has obtained and developed various leadership and organizational skills, work ethics, financial management skills and team work.

Further, Mercy participates in co-curricular activities especially mooting. She is an active mooter and ranks as one of the best oralist in the Moot Court Society at the Faculty of Law. She is also a member of other clubs such as the Christian Union, Young Arbiters Association, KMUN and AISEC.


brian Eodu

Brian Eodu Emmanuel is the current International Students Representative UNSA Parklands. He is a Ugandan at his third year studies at the Faculty of Law.

Brian is a successful author. He has written Insight To Wealth Creation published by Writers pen in 2021, available at He is also the author of Bernadette published by the Writers pen in 2022.

Similarly, he is passionate about leadership, governance, Christianity and entrepreneurship. He is an active member of the Moot Court Society and KMUN at the Faculty of Law.


  • Reconciling student-lecturer relationship to ensure lecturers` discipline, students` obedience and thus improving the academic sector. Further, the team seeks to initiate the formulation of a committee to focus on addressing the issue of missing marks and delay in examination results release.
  • Lawyering Hub Program that will focus on availing mentorship, internship and legal advice fora for the students. This will entail working together with the KLSS, LSK and established law firms.
  • Kutana Na Viongozi Wako Program that seeks to bridge the gap between the students and their leaders. This will enable the class representatives and UNSA officials to work together in addressing issues affecting the students` fraternity.
  • An advocacy towards the renovation of student hostels, washing rooms and toilets to improve on the students` welfare during their stay in school.
  • Improvement and allocation of resources to the students` clinic to foster service delivery. The team will also establish closure, guidance and counselling groups to address matters of mental health.
  • Provision of adequate students` security and safety.
  • Boresha Talanta Program aimed at enhancing the student`s talents by exposing them to various opportunities and linking the talented students with other institutions to improve their skills.
  • Okoa Comrades Kitty Program aimed at sourcing funds and materials from the alumni, Civil Organizations, etc to support needy students in fee payment and their welfare.
  • Business for Comrades Program seeking to empower business-oriented students through availing business opportunities and mentorship.