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Call for papers

The Eastern Africa Journal on International Humanitarian Law (EAJIHL) is an annual peer reviewed online journal published by the University of Nairobi. The Journal aims at encouraging discourse around contemporary issues of International Humanitarian Law in the Eastern African region and beyond. Having been founded in the month of November 2021, the Journal now welcomes submissions for papers from IHL specialists, judges, lawyers, military advisers, students and other IHL practitioners, for its inaugural issue.

Articles must be submitted by 15th February 2022 to:

The Editor

The Eastern Africa Journal on International Humanitarian Law (EAJIHL)

University of Nairobi

School of Law


 The articles must range between 4,000 words and 10,000 words. Each paper must be accompanied by:

a.       Full name, telephone contacts of the author,

b.      Declaration of originality,

c.       A statement indicating if the paper has previously been published or submitted for publishing with any publisher. If so, the name of the publisher and the date when the paper was published, and

d.      A statement by the author  granting EAJIHL consent to publish the submitted work.

The submitted work will then be subjected to the EAJIHL’s peer review process. The EAJIHL reserves the right to edit submitted articles.

All submissions are required to satisfy the Editorial Guidelines for Contributors attached.

The Eastern Africa Journal on International Humanitarian Law Editorial Guidelines